We offer many different classes, all designed to work your body to its maximum potential. Each class is run by an instructor who is looking at form, endurance and overall strength and fitness to ensure you are getting a great experience and workout.

We currently offer the following classes:


These classes are offered by appointment for new members. Two individual training sessions are required for new members to assess your overall fitness and endurance, as well as show you different movements and exercises most commonly used in the daily workouts.


CORE classes focus on the total body experience using high intensity intervals of various exercises and equipment to maximize your workout and cardio/endurance. CORE classes utilize complex functional movements using equipment like medicine balls, kettlebells, plyometric boxes and TRX systems. If you are looking to improve your overall cardiovascular endurance, strength, and tone – CORE is the class for you.


This class is run with a traditional structure that involves warm-up, strength or cardio work, and then a designed workout of the day (WOD) to push you hard. Adult WOD takes CORE to a new level by adding barbells and complex lifts to its programming.


This hour and a half class is held on Saturday, and is intended to give you a 45 minute CORE workout followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga focusing on specific muscle groups.


This class focusing solely on barbell work. If you ever wanted to get your lifts down to a science, this is the class for you!


*Classes will be added and changed as feedback from members dictates. Check back often to see changes.