Jay Flotte

Jay Flotte


Personal Trainer


About Coach

Jay believes all bodies are good bodies, and it’s the responsibility of gyms and personal trainers to make movement as fun and accessible as possible. Having spent the last 10 years as a student, elementary school teacher, and community organizer in Denver, they have found an amazing community brought together by a passion for systems change. Originally from St. Louis, their training approach is grounded in their experience as a young athlete who never felt like they fit in or felt comfortable to be their full selves growing up. “I was a small, physically awkward, weird kid. At least that’s how I was made to feel in a society that tells boys and AMAB folks to toughen up. I played backyard football in middle school in a way that punished my body. During High School wrestling at an all boys school *gasp* I was still punishing my body, but I fell in love with weightlifting because I could make it my own and focus on how I felt in my own body without competing. Today I am the softest weirdo and I’m so happy about it.”

Turning Point

Most importantly, they are excited to move with you in a way that feels good! “I like picking up heavy things and setting them down. Strength training is my jam! Calisthenics is also super fun. I love hiking, climbing, going to concerts, going to the movies and eating buttery popcorn, and relaxing in bed all day.”

Motivation & Passion

Coming from social movement work, Jay is curious about how personal trainers can be guides for people to invest in their personal growth and liberation using physical movement as a tool to cultivate joy and power in our everyday lives. They are always contemplating the intersections of social movements and gym movements, especially when it comes to gender diversity. “Every system of oppression out in the world is also operating in the ‘fitness industry.’ That is why many of us are dedicated to revolutionizing the industry and carving new pathways for us to move together. All of the trainers at Metamorphosis are doing this, and that’s so exciting!”

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