Styler Ells

Styler Ells



Metamorphosis Fitness

Group Class and Personal Trainer

All Around Bad Ass


CrossFit Level 1

ISSA Certified Trainer

CPR/AED and First Aid

IIN Certified Health Coach

Client Centered Training

About Coach

Styler has spent their entire adult life falling in and out of love with fitness and exercise. They have been a competitive athlete, a roller derby skater, a body builder, an OCR racer, a coach and trainer, and a couch potato – yet none of these titles have defined who they are.

Turning Point

Styler is passionate about providing a safe space for the queer community and its allies. They are out, loud and proud. They have worked to create an open and inviting atmosphere that bucks the bro gym mentality, and that supports ALL people in their desire to feel strong and capable. People deserve a safe space to explore fitness, and to work towards holistic health.

Motivation & Passion

Every person is as unique as their journey and deserves to be honored as such. How does one fight a $97 billion dollar a year industry that has preyed upon the insecurities of its users? Answer: They open a gym, and they vehemently reject diet culture, and everything it stands for.

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